A selection day at Teach for Belgium

Be a ‘Teach for Belgium’ teacher for one day and get the chance to see how you would fit into the programme: that’s what our selection process tries to emulate.



Why take part in a selection day at Teach for Belgium?

The purpose of this day is twofold.
Firstly, to inform and let candidates experience what joining our Leadership Development programme would look like. We want them to connect with our team and each other. We try to recreate the environment they will encounter when they start the program (more about the mini-lesson and moment of self-reflection below!) People attending these selection days usually leave feeling more aware of what awaits them.

Secondly, to select strong candidates that possess the 7 key competencies we look for in our future teachers: perseverance, alignment with our vision, self-knowledge, leadership, communication, organisation and respect, humility, and openness.

“The contacts with all the team members (individual and collective) further strengthen my desire to be part of the project”.

How do you earn a place at a selection day?

Fill in a two-part online application to prove your interest and motivation to do the programme. If you are eligible and we think you might share our vision, you get an invite!

How can you prepare?

Our most valuable tip is to have a close look at these 7 competencies and think of experiences that exemplify these qualities. And don’t forget: you should prepare your mini-lesson. This is an important activity that also requires some preparation in advance.

“Very good upstream follow-up by the person in charge and good reactivity when there are questions.” 

What are the key activities of TfB selection days?


– Mini-lesson: the day always starts with participants teaching a 7-min lesson. You get to choose the subject of the lesson and the age of the ‘students’. Students are played by other participants and the jury

– Group activity: this group discussion is based on a situation that you will most likely encounter in your future job as a teacher. Prepare to think collectively and creatively. The point of the exercise is to assess group dynamics.

– Presentation: we also take the time to dive deeper into our mission by giving a presentation of our programme. This presentation is given by an alumnus who also shares some stories.

– Self-reflection moment: self-knowledge and reflection are two key components of our programme. Therefore, we organize a small feedback session. This type of session represents what you will experience with your tutor during the programme.

– Written task: a way to get creative while testing written skills.

kindness– Interview: a fairly traditional interview with two roleplays. This is a way to get to know you and your adequacy to the programme on a much deeper level.

– Language test * (only for language teachers)
*French test for Dutch teachers // Dutch test for French teachers

Who is the jury?

Besides the members of the Recruitment & Selection team, other Teach for Belgium team members can be assessors on selection days. External evaluators who have experience with education and human resources are also part of the assessor pool. The jury is thus very wide in terms of profiles.

“The evaluators are very supportive and open and they listen to us.”

Good luck with your selection day!


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